Our Services

Is the wooden floor of your Essex CM5 home or business in need of some work to get it looking like new again? If so then you’ve come to the right place, as the Essex Floor Sanding company can deliver numerous services suitable for a wide range of needs. Below you’ll find information on the different services we can offer. You can get a look at some of our previous work over in the Gallery section of our website.

Floor Resurface

​If your hardwood or softwood floor has lost some of its sparkle over the years then floor sanding may be just what it needs. Using state-of-the-art low-dust sanding equipment, we’ll remove the top surface layers of your floor – ie. the dingy, grimy part. What’s left will be fresh-looking wood ready for the finish of your choice, whether that’s polished, varnished or stained.

Wood Floor Restoration

For wooden floors that are well past their prime and showing serious signs of damage or degradation, a full restoration is often the best option. Our team of experts have restored floors throughout Essex CM2, both large and small, and are capable of delivering great results, whatever they have to work with.

Wood Floor Repair

Compared to a full restoration, wooden floor repairs generally require a much lighter, almost surgical touch. Repairs can be carried out to individual boards as needed, whether that’s simple cosmetic improvements or more comprehensive sub-floor repairs. If boards are beyond repair we can also replace them with matching materials. We can even get rid of those annoying creaks and other noises!

Wood Floor Staining

​Once a floor has been repaired and sanded, it can be stained according to your specification. We have a range of different colour staining products to choose from, each of which can provide an additional sense of warmth and personality to a room. Our team are highly experienced and have produced immaculate stained finishes across Essex CM18. We’re also very conscientious about the staining products we employ, and only use those which are environmentally friendly and allergen-free.

Wood Floor Finishing

In addition to staining, we can offer a variety of other finishes, enabling you to get your floor looking just the way you want it. Our wooden flooring experts are experienced in varnishing, waxing, oiling and lacquering, and the Essex Floor Sanding company is a member of the Guild of Master Craftsmen, so our teams approach your wood staining not just as a ‘job’ but with passion and care. Our finishes can give the perfect look to your floor, as well as protecting it against whatever life throws at it.

Parquet Floor Renew

Parquet flooring is an increasingly attractive option for homeowners in Essex, and can add a touch of elegance to any room. In order to keep it looking its best, it’s important that any parquet sanding is carried out by experienced professionals who know exactly how to treat this delicate surface right.

Parquet Floor Restoration

​If your parquet flooring has seen better days, we can help them return once more. We’ll start by carrying out an overall assessment of the floor as part of our free consultation, and provide you with a quote with no obligation. The work itself may involve the repair or replacement of individual blocks, and the careful removal of any bitumen residue as necessary.

Parquet Floor Repair

​At the Essex Sanding Company we’re experts in repairing parquet floors. Repairs focus on more specific areas and are less comprehensive than a full restoration. The overall results though can be impressive, and breathe new life back into your parquet floor at an affordable price.

Wood Floor Polishing

​Sometimes all that’s needed to get a wooden floor looking its best once more is a simple polish. In fact, it’s practically a necessity if you don’t want your floor to become dulled by age and usage. For floors in commercial offices and other high-traffic areas we recommend polishing annually. In domestic settings it is often worth having floors polished every two years.

Gap Filling: Resin, slivers and Silicon

​At the Essex Floor Sanding company, we pay close attention to the details. Why? Because floors are made up of lots of little details, and it is these details that can make all the difference. We’ll fill any gaps and cracks we find using resin, silicon and slivers, ensuring not just perfect aesthetics but thermal efficiency too.

Wood Floor Maintenance

​Wooden floors are generally used regularly, and this results in a certain amount of wear and tear. If your floor has been looking a lacklustre recently it may just need a little professional maintenance to get it gleaming once more. Our experienced teams can carry out maintenance tasks such as buffing and polishing across Essex in both domestic and commercial settings.

Commercial Floor Finish

​You can tell a lot about a business by the state of its floor, and so for that reason its a good idea to keep it looking its best. A well-kept polished floor may even provide a boost to office morale! We can offer a full range of sanding and restoration services to your business, and to ensure minimal disruption we can work outside of your normal office hours.

School Floor Revive

​Whether it’s in the corridors or the sports hall, schools often have large amounts of wooden flooring, and inevitably this will see heavier usage than a lot of other settings. If you’re looking for someone to come in outside of term time to work some magic on your wood floors, the Essex Floor Sanding company is happy to oblige. We can return your floors to their former glory ready for the first assembly of the new term, and our sophisticated equipment will keep dust to a minimum.

Finishes and Seals

All floors have their own unique character and needs, and what works for one may not work for another. Our experienced team know what seals and finishes will produce the best results on your floor, ensuring it looks its best.Whatever your needs, get in touch with the Essex Floor Sanding company for a free consultation with no obligation.